Training delivers serious time ROI

Training Delivers Serious Time RoiWe’ve all been on the odd training day, particularly when first starting out in our careers, which seemed like nothing more than a day out of the office. Maybe it is because of those distant memories that some managers and business owners are reluctant to let their employees indulge in a slice of in-work-hours education or self-improvement. But it would be a huge mistake, and incredibly short-sighted to view training time as wasted time. (The caveat here, of course, it that the quality and relevance of the training in question is of an acceptable standard.) 

Good quality training for your team is the equivalent of sharpening an axe before chopping wood or reading the instructions before putting together your Ikea wardrobe. Learning to fulfil a task more efficiently, more accurately or to a higher standard will always pay you back in abundance – both in time and results. Let me give you an example: 

Imagine a member of your team spends two hours per day, five days per week, on a particular administrative task. Then, you meet someone who tells you about a training course they just sent some of their people on who deal with that same activity. So, you decide to invest in sending your team member on the course one Friday. As a result of the things they learn on the course (shortcuts, new techniques, and other efficiencies), they are soon able to reduce the time it takes by 15% (20 minutes for the sake of simplicity). Within a week, you will have gained an hour of their time which can be spent on other things; two months later, the training day will have paid for itself; and from there on you will be in time profit (surely our most valuable commodity).

Training is more than just saving time

To add to the time that you have saved, or to put it more positively, ‘created’ you will have done something even more important. You will have significantly increased the value of your team member. Consider the effect that positive investment in people can have. When you send people on training courses, they will feel the following:

  1. You will have shown them that you care about them and are willing to invest in their future as an individual and as an important part of your business 
  2. The whole ‘a break is as a good as a rest’ psychology is still as real as it was when you were a young person enjoying those days out of the office, and it will improve their overall morale and engagement
  3. People who are good at what they do enjoy what they do more. Instead of a stressed out member of staff, hunting around to find out how to solve problems, they will start work fully equipped to deal with any issues that might arise during their day 

The benefits of training are evident in all walks of life and business. As I mentioned earlier, it needs to be of sufficient quality to make a tangible difference to the working day, and it needs to be relevant to what the individual’s role entails, but it will repay your investment.

There are few better things that you could do for your business this week than to search out some appropriate training for your team and offer them the budget to invest in themselves.

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