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A year of opportunity ahead…

There is no doubt that we will all look back on 2016 as a year full of surprises; not least all the major shifts in the economic and political landscapes (both here and overseas). Specifically, in the accountancy world, there were also some pretty important changes announced or introduced that will continue to affect many of my customers in the year to come.

Much has been said about the things that have happened, and I have been very open with my views on all of the top stories: but this post is not about bringing those topics up again.

2016 delivered change: 2017 promises opportunity!

Whatever happens over the next 12 months (the repercussions of the Brexit decision and the activation of Article 50, or the ongoing effects of other Government changes that have been introduced) your future is in your hands. We can all approach each new situation and each day with a ‘can win’ and ‘will win’ attitude.

You see, we are the only 100% controllable variable in our businesses. Pretty much everything else is going to do its own thing regardless. So everywhere that we, personally, can make a positive difference we should. For me, as a business growth accountant, part of my role is to look to the future and use my experience and resources to predict the best way to manage upcoming financial changes. I will then relay this information to my customers so that they are best placed to withstand or benefit from the reshaped landscape.

Think about the equivalent in your business and how you can make the most of the opportunities that you can have an effect on; rather than worrying about the circumstances that you can’t.

There are two sides to every coin

It is easy to spout off positive thinking quotes and age-old maxims about looking for silver linings hidden inside the dark clouds that loom overhead. But the truth of these things is so much simpler than thinking and looking. Having the right attitude is about taking practical, positive action, not just ‘being’ positive. It is the ability to foresee, prepare, act and apply yourself to each situation. As I said earlier; the things that are outside of our control will happen anyway, it is the people who already have a plan and who are bold enough to apply it that have the best chance of succeeding.

So here are my final few words to all of my customers, and anyone else who might be reading this post, in 2016. You know your business best, so have a good look at the likely shape of things to come and make a plan. (It wouldn’t hurt to have a few alternative versions up your sleeve too – just in case.) Then, with your plan in hand, go and turn next year into your best year ever.

If you need someone to bounce your ideas, foresight or concerns off of, please give me a call. Or if you think that your business needs to make big changes so that it can cope with the next 12 months, my team and I can help with that too. Whatever shape you see your future in 2017 – here at Meades and Co we are always ready to lend an ear and share a helping hand.

Have a great Christmas and a victorious New Year.