Xero is infectious!

The traditional view of the accounting profession does not really match up to the modern phenomena of ideas going viral and rapidly developing cloud-based solutions. But the reality is that a piece of accounting software is changing the way that the world does business. Gone are the images of grey-suited, doddery old men sitting in stuffy offices, up to their eyes in sales ledgers and projections. Well, for some accountants they are anyway…

…but Xero accountants are spreading the wealth like wildfire.

It started with a suggestion…

After taking over the business from my father, I was schooled as a traditional accountant, although I always resisted the grey suit. When someone first mentioned to me the idea of ‘cloud accounting’, in 2014, I decided to take the accountant’s approach and get into the detail. So, I spent about three months reviewing the leading cloud solutions (Cashflow, Quickbooks and Xero) and it was clear that Xero had far more to offer; but even then I didn’t know quite how much. What I did know is that things had to change, for the company and our customers!

Just to be clear here, this was a massive leap for the business as we had been Sage members and resellers for over twenty years, so changing was a little scary. But I had been thorough in my research and I knew it was the only way forward. So, by September 2014, 75% of our customers had been transferred over to Xero.

What a transformation!

When I say Xero is infectious, I don’t mean as in a disease, but more along the lines of contagious laughter. You see, it would be no exaggeration to say that using Xero has brought a little more joy and happiness into lots of peoples’ lives.

It started with my team and me, as our lives suddenly got a whole lot easier. The multitude of laborious, number-tapping, data inputting and endless duplication tasks just disappeared – almost overnight. Then, instead of feeling like an inescapable cost that our clients were burdened with we felt like a team of experts that could give them value. Rather than looking at numbers all day long, we could see opportunities, efficiencies and benefits in our customers’ accounts. With power at our fingertips and a bit more time to use it, we were no longer just ‘ordinary’ accountants.

Then the laughter continued to spread.

You know how the sound of someone else being happy can rub off on you. At the very least you want to investigate and share in the joke. Well, the more we could see how much Xero reduced our workload and revealed the benefits it had for our customers, the more we were eager to share the good news with them.

Our enthusiasm, the information that we were now able to give customers about their numbers, and the ease with which we could communicate that information soon grabbed their attention. Now, not only do we love Xero, here at Meades & Company, all of our customers do too. And the more they see the benefits and the simplicity of using it, the more they are telling their customers and contacts.

As the only Xero Gold Partner in Watford and quite a large area surrounding it, we are proud to be at the centre of this outbreak. In fact, I don’t think it is going to be possible to contain it and even the windows of our office, here in Tolpits Lane, are starting to show signs of the infection.

Next week I’ll share a few of the Xero symptoms that everyone is getting so excited about.