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Xero combinations are a cut above the rest!

I love technology, especially when it takes away timewasting administration tasks and enables my team and me to concentrate on more strategic accounting for our clients. Market leading accounting software ‘Xero’ currently integrates with around 450 add-on partners and some of these relationships, in particular, can bring about almost magical results.

Perfecting automation is like perfecting alchemy!

It really can make such a massive difference to small businesses to get automation right. Not only do these efficiencies save a huge amount of time, they can also increase accuracy, improve cashflow and ensure that nothing gets missed. This can often make a critical difference, especially when it comes to invoices being sent and paid on time.

Remember the old story of the two brothers who went to cut down trees one day. Being a competitive duo they agreed on a little wager that the one who cut down the least number of trees by the end of the day would cook dinner. The first brother, eager to prove his strength and vigour, picked up his rusty, well-used axe and started hacking away at the nearest tree. The second brother, who was older, slightly weaker, but a whole lot wiser, set about sharpening his axe first.

An hour past and as the first tired cry of ‘timber’ rang through the forest; brother two was still diligently attending to the edge of his blade. Just as the younger brother was frantically getting to the last few fibres of his second tree, around lunchtime, brother two began his steady advance. By mid-afternoon, the contest was over. And as he lit the stove later that evening, behind his tears of exhaustion and frustration, the first brother had to admire the eight trees his older brother had felled with his smart mind and sharp axe.

Xero + Directli + GoCardless = Absolute Automation


The brilliant thing about Xero and most of its partners is that the automation isn’t even that difficult to set up, but the results are still significant. One of the best combinations that I have found, and subsequently many of my customers now use, is Xero, Directli and GoCardless. This simple partnership means that invoices are raised and sent automatically; payments are then collected and reconciled with equally effortless ease, and your entire sales ledger process is automated.

Particularly in scenarios where you have repeat or subscription payments, using this Xero enabled collaboration is both time-saving and mistake erasing. You can seize control of your cashflow and ensure that your finances are kept clean and up to date and it will not cost you a single minute to manage.

The bigger picture!

Let me take you back to the smart man with his sharp axe for a moment. What do you think would happen if the two brothers went into partnership and started to employ more woodcutters to scale up their business? That’s right, the one with a simple, time saving, efficiency building process would ensure that they (the brothers) could focus on growing the business rather than chopping down trees. Sharp automation and smart efficiency is the only way to scale a business actively and effectively.