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What does being a client manager mean to you?

If you’re an experienced, qualified accountant, chances are you’ve spent a number of years in practice, or as an accountant in industry, being a ‘jack of all trades’. Managing everything from day to day bookkeeping to VAT returns, year-end filing and more.

Does that describe the most you have to offer clients? No? Please, read on.

Having an impact

Working as a client manager at Meades you will deliver a service that has a significant impact on our clients and their businesses. Here’s how:

  1. All compliance work is undertaken by our dedicated compliance team
  2. You will spend your time with clients understanding their business and challenges, both professional and personal
  3. You will lend your experience, expertise and of course financial know how to identify solutions to overcome those challenges
  4. You will help them build systems and reporting tools to put them in control
  5. You will help them plan with their goals in mind – by providing business advisory services, backed up by financial planning
  6. You will complete their personal tax returns personally, ensuring all tax efficiencies have been considered – you can only do this with a genuine knowledge of the client’s circumstances.

What advice will you be sharing with clients?

Some of the advisory services we provide are outlined in Paul’s book ‘How to Make Your Company Fly’. If business consultancy is new to you, we recommend you get a copy of Paul’s book here.

In the book, Paul walks business owners through the basics of:

  • What to expect from an accountant
  • Working on a business vs in a business
  • Rediscovering business mojo
  • Getting more sales leads
  • Converting more leads
  • Getting customers to buy more
  • Rethinking pricing

Does this sound like the service you want to be a part of?

You may have a strong accountancy background, but lack experience in delivering business advisory services – that’s ok. We can provide full training and mentoring to ensure you deliver the outstanding service our clients expect, but there are a few essentials you must bring to the table:

  • You absolutely have to want to see your clients succeed
  • Be ready to build long-lasting, trusted relationships with both the businesses in your care and new prospective clients
  • Enjoy meeting new people and building your professional network.

If this sounds like a role you would thrive in, please read on. We’ve provided a full job description below so you can see all the aspects of the role.

A working relationship built on trust

Business and life no longer fit into neat boxes of time. We need more flexibility to deliver both exceptional services and lead our best lives. At the beginning of 2019 Meades introduced ROWE, which stands for a Results Only Working Environment. This can be summed up as working where you want, when you want, as long as the work gets done. You might want to read that again, we know it’s a little different. You can learn more about ROWE in our team charter.

The client manager role, at a glance:

Helping develop the Meades Group business. You will do this by:

  • Assisting the Managing Director with business development.
  • Putting forward marketing ideas and seeing them through to delivery.
  • Building your professional network and seeking out new clients.
  • Meeting new prospective clients.
  • Proactively following up with business referrals and new leads.

As part of the management team you will:

  • Ensure that we are providing all clients with the best possible service and meeting their expectations always.
  • Attend managers meetings and action all related points.

Delighting clients. You will do this by:

  • Delivering proactive, outstanding customer service.
  • Having experience working with clients at a senior level.
  • Embracing the training and mentorship we will provide.
  • Be suitably qualified.
  • Having a ‘can do’ attitude.

Be the Finance Director our clients need.

In practice, this means delivering all the services a client wants from their accountant, but don’t currently get. You will do this by:

  • Reviewing the financial performance of your clients’ businesses.
  • Working directly with your clients to assess their KPI’s and performance.
  • Develop strategies for growing your clients’ businesses.
  • Educate them on balance sheets, budgets, setting targets and more.
  • Show your clients how to read financial statements to aid them in decision making.

The clients you will work with

Our clients are forward-thinking entrepreneurs. They have big goals and aspirations. It’s our job to help them not just reach them but exceed them.

Personal goals are as important as professional ones. Business success leans into the achievement of personal aspirations. For an entrepreneur this could mean:

  • Funding private education for their children.
  • To pay their mortgage off early.
  • To prepare their business to sell at a premium.
  • To buy the car they have always dreamed of.
  • To buy a holiday home.
  • To take their family on luxury holidays several times per year.

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