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Why do you use online banking?

Why do you use online banking?We all use online banking nowadays, don’t we? Perhaps, in the beginning, it was with an air of caution and concern that hackers and thieves would raid our life’s savings, but now it is the accepted way. Despite a few scary stories in the news about scams and the like, we now tend to trust the banks to keep things tight: and in most cases, the banks offer full compensation if something does go wrong online.

Do you even remember what it was like to live in a world of mini-statements, postal orders, conversations through bullet-proof glass, five days to clear and ‘the cheques in the post’? Is it all flooding back? It was a slow, frustrating, and cumbersome system; not to mention a genuine stumbling block to cash flow, wasn’t it?

That is why, in a nutshell, we now all use online banking – because we tried it once and it worked.

There are changes everywhere!

In accounting, and I’m sure in your business too, the last five years have been completely reshaped by the application of technology, particularly The Cloud and App technologies. Yet, many people still seem to miss or resist the vast opportunities that these advances represent: for them and their customers.

Who would choose to listen to analogue radio when the crisp sound of DAB offers such variety? When was the last time you had to endure the anticipated wait for your holiday photos to come back from the printers so you could relive those memories once more? Do you miss having to pull over at the services to check the map when you are going to a new place for the first time, or spending an hour or two planning the best route?

The speed with which these things became obsolete might make you think, but some businesses and some people take a little longer to catch on…

You wouldn’t go back to a musty bank?

Let me take you back to the musty old bank scenario for a moment. Accountancy is a similarly ancient and notoriously dull institution, with a reputation for straight-laced, humourless, unimaginative professionals all dressing in the one-size-fits-all proverbial grey suit. But things have changed!

Accountancy today has become (or at least it should be) a dynamic, innovative, business-enhancing, change-bringing, forward-thinking, colourful, frontline and fundamentally important aspect of modern business. Your accountant should be a huge benefit to the efficiency, accuracy, direction, growth, cash flow, and personal wealth of any business and its owners.

From one-man bands to companies of a few hundred staff, no one in 2016 would be better off with an old school accountant. Yet, most people still choose this option! Why simply stay legal and tick boxes when you could be seeing real-time reporting, advanced detail of your tax liabilities, instant bank reconciliation, invoices and payments; cutting edge business advice and massively improved cash control?

Retro can be fun, but it is simply not efficient.

I understand why some people still prefer the nostalgia of vinyl to the speed of downloads, and the reinvented fashions of yesteryear are often stylish in the extreme. But in your business where your family, future and entire way of life is at stake – don’t get stuck in the past.

If you would like to seamlessly step into the modern day… get in touch.