Transfer to a Xero hours contract!

Transfer to a Xero hours contract!Put your hand up if you think you spend too much time online? Now put it down again (quickly) because anyone watching you might think you’ve gone mad. It is a very modern problem, isn’t it? The insatiable need to stay connected with everybody (all of the time); and the driving desire to look up information, watch entertaining video clips and share the latest pictures and updates from your life. Online is consuming our time!

What if ‘online’ could save you time instead?

Here at Meades & Co we are advocates of the Xero hours contract. Not the employment scandal one, which seems to hit the headlines every other week, but the one which saves you time, manages your finances and frees you up to do the things which earn you money. Instead of drawing your attention to it and wasting hours you would be better off spending elsewhere (like most online activities), Xero gives you everything you need in an instant.

In the olden days (many people still live there) managing invoices, receipts, payroll, expenses, quotes, reconciliation and payments was a full-time, all-consuming, thankless task. And things like cash flow, management information, accurate tax planning, and real-time reporting were a figment of the imagination.

Old-fashioned, robust, but inflexible systems like Sage are tying businesses to these limitations. Xero frees you from those constraints: and it is easy, painless, safe and fast – very, very fast.

Instead of the online world being a distracting time-waster, you can let the world’s leading online accounting software take the work out of your finances and give you back full control.

Just some of the ways Xero can give you back your hours:

Reduced duplication: With Xero (especially when used with its 100s of add-ons partners), you only need to input figures once. It does everything else for you and ensures 100% accuracy. The chances of human error are far slimmer too because Xero checks everything for you.

Real-time planning: Xero will tell you exactly where your finances are at any given moment of any day. Not just the amount of money in your account, but the amount that you owe and are owed; your tax liability (yes, in real-time); your profit and loss; and a whole suite of management reports (all in the present). No more nasty surprises lurking around the next tax deadline corner.

Minimal administration: Instead of spending hours managing your company’s finances, using Xero makes the whole process super simple. All of our customers testify of massive reductions in administration time when they moved across to Xero. What could you and your staff do with all those extra business hours from Xero?

Extra value from your accountant: Every single client we have moved over to Xero, and that is now most of them, has given positive feedback. It saves them time, adds management benefits and has helped them focus on the right things. It also saves us time, so we can spend more time helping our clients, advising them on more impactful financial matters and helping them grow. Xero has unlocked low time, high impact accounting.

If you are still using Sage and managing your finances is like a full-time job there is a simple, risk-free answer. You no longer have to be under contract to antiquated systems. You can get yourself on a flexible arrangement where healthy, productive, and valuable time can be put back into your business. (Oh, and there isn’t even a contract to sign. You can stop anytime you want – but why would you?)

Sage to Xero – Free and Easy!

To celebrate the flexibility of Xero, we are offering a Free conversion from Sage. We promise that it will be fast, free and painless: all you have to do is get in touch and see if you qualify.