The move to a more professional accountant that was in touch with the latest technology and able to simplify and optimise their systems made a significant difference, both in the early years and ever since.


Globaltopz UK Limited was set up in 2007 by Sal Amato and Ariën Brouwers after they met while working together on a joint project. Ariën had worked for a product manufacturer in Holland and Sal for a large UK-based kitchen retailer. During the course of this joint project, they realised that there was a gap in the UK market for a specialist supplier and installer of world-class kitchen worktops.

So, the business launched and their individual expertise and specialisms have become a core element of the culture and success they have built ever since. Sal has many years’ experience in the technical side of the operation, going on-site to accurately measure and survey environments to ensure the most effective design solution. And Ariën’s operational and materials knowledge helped to create an unrivalled supply portfolio of worktops and finishes.

Their philosophy of employing specialists with niche experience has underpinned the growth of the business as it has developed over the last ten years and more. Today, Globaltopz employs about a dozen people full time (supported by a network of trusted contractors) and Ariën and Sal believe that their people are the most important asset in the business. From the office to the workshop, and all the way through to the installations teams, each person is considered an expert in their role.

Bespoke and beautiful …

The company’s core business is the supply of bespoke worktops and splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms. It looks after a range of trade and domestic clients and provides a comprehensive, end to-end service including supply, templating and installation. With an extensive supply chain, Globaltopz is known throughout the trade for its high-quality durable products and its precise and accurate design and cutting services.

For companies like Globaltopz, reputation is everything. So, they always insist on installing the products they supply themselves. From the first conversation with a client, third party or homeowner, to the day of completion, the company’s experts will be hands-on, in the workshop, in the home and in complete control of the process.

From its showroom and trade shop just off the A41 on Bourne End Industrial Estate, Hemel Hempstead, the company attracts both trade and domestic sales. Clients (kitchen and bathroom specialists, architects, developers, builders and homeowners) come from far and wide to discover the very latest in worktop designs, materials and solutions.

The design possibilities are endless, and as the largest feature within many kitchens, worktops are often the thing that makes the biggest impact on the design. So, getting it right, and getting it right first time, is so important to both the homeowner and the kitchen companies. That is perhaps why Globaltopz attracts such accolades and appeal from its growing client base.

Its extensive product range includes materials sourced from all over the world, in granite, quartz composite, premium back-painted toughened glass, solid surface, concrete, stainless steel and ultra-compact materials. And these can be manufactured in a whole rainbow of colour options.

Specialism is the key

When asked the secret to their success, Ariën simply said, “Always focus on doing what you are best at doing.” He went on to explain that, as a Dutchman, he had been educated in the power of process and investing in systems that work. From day one, he and Sal applied this philosophy to the business and ensured that the right people were doing the right jobs, and there were systems and processes in place to support and control everything else.

As technology has become commonplace and more software solutions have been developed to help small businesses to operate, Globaltopz has always looked to adopt the best practices. Ariën’s advice for choosing the right software for your particular business and requirement is straightforward. Start by identifying the result that you want; then look at all the options on the market and diligently research and test out various alternatives. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the real key is to get your team to buy in to the solutions that you choose and take joint ownership of the goals and ambitions that you set out.

Meades, Xero and expert accounting

About three years after the company started, Globaltopz received a call from Paul Meades asking if he could come and talk to them about their business. At the time they had begun to wonder about the service they were getting from their accountant, and whether the information and advice was keeping up with their growing turnover.

It didn’t take much to persuade them to switch accountants; and Paul’s positive, proactive approach to where he could see the business going quickly won them over. As a process focused business, the idea of switching to smarter accounting methods attracted them, and when Meades became a Xero Partner, Globaltopz was quick to join the cloud accounting revolution. The move to a more professional accountant that was in touch with the latest technology and able to simplify and optimise their systems made a significant difference, both in the early years and ever since.

Debbie now looks after the relationship as the account manager for the business and ensures the smooth running and operational efficiencies continue. She also keeps them ahead of the curve in managing new legislation, utilising the power of their data and keeping tax burdens under control.

Boom, Brexit and by royal appointment

All of the design, manufacturing and installation work is done in the UK, mostly by Globaltopz’ own employed workforce. Many of the specialist raw materials, however, are sourced from highest quality specialist suppliers all over the world, including EU countries like France, Italy and Holland. When asked about the impact that Brexit has had, or could potentially have on their supply, Ariën was as positive and upbeat as ever. Like every other twist and turn in the running-abusiness road, they have both long- and shortterm plans in place and are adapting accordingly.

Ariën pointed out that when they started the business in 2007, the pound was worth almost one and a half times the value of the euro. Those days seem long behind us, but if the company has continued to grow and satisfy its customers’ needs for over ten years with that sort of challenge – it is unlikely that a few extra tariffs will stop them.

Talking of customers, it would be remiss not to mention that a growing number of the UK’s most prestigious residences, including several royal palaces and households, have been luxuriously adorned with worktops chosen from the Globaltopz thoroughbred stable.

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