There’s more to winning awards than popping champagne!

One of the best feelings in business (alongside having your most profitable year ever, of course,) is being recognised as being the best. Most business owners love to read the things that happy customers say about their service and delight in the high retention rates which signify the business is doing a great job. It gives them a sense of wellbeing.

But none of that accolade compares to the sheer self-indulgent pride of being voted the ‘best in category’ at your industry’s version of the Oscars. Recognition, respect and applause from amongst our peers always seems to deliver the sweetest feeling, especially when the rest of the year can be such a competitive battlefield. It is as though the award justifies all the hard work leading up to that point.

Recognition alone won’t build your business!

In the rough, tough ‘dog eat dog’ world of the movies, it is said that you are only as good as your last film. I’m not sure that is quite true because some actors seem to keep popping up after a string of cinematic disasters, but the observation is still a valid one. My point is that the rewards of winning an award can last you just an evening (albeit a lovely one), or an entire year; maybe two or three. It’s up to you!

Your efforts to win an industry award will have been wasted if the legacy of that success is not maximised. Here are a few of the ways that you should be making the most of your success.

Tell all of your current customers: People like to know that they have made good choices in life. So when your customers hear that you have been voted ‘the best’ it will reassure them of their decision to use you. People also like to spread the news around and some will never miss an opportunity to claim some association with what you’ve achieved. Roll on the referrals!

For example, you might find yourself saying, “My accountant has just been a finalist in the British Accountancy Awards for the second year running” sometime this week. READ MORE HERE

Tell all of you future customers: If people like to know that past decisions were good ones, how much more do you think they like being sure of ones they are about to make? Being an award-winning business, especially in an industry specific category, is the highest form of recognition and assurance of excellence.

Tell everyone else: If you are looking for finance, trying to attract new suppliers, interested in selling-up or finding new partners, being an award-winner will create more credibility.

Celebrate with your staff: It is an old cliché, but a true one, that the staff make the biggest difference in a business. What a lot of business owners forget, however, is that they can make a big difference to their staff’s morale. Recognising their contribution to the company’s success can be the difference between being a one-year-wonder or a perpetual winner of awards.

And now to my ulterior motive for this post…

Actually, I hinted at it earlier. Last week Meades and Company won the Highly Commended prize in the Independent Firm of the Year category for the South East at the British Accountancy Awards 2015.

I am, of course, very proud of the business and the team for all their hard work during the year. But, I would also like to thank all of our customers (current and future) for their part in our success.

And I have to practice what I preach; so I am delighted to share the news with you all too 🙂