There is no such thing as a great accountant!

Most people who run their own business, or who are self-employed, will at some point in any given month, or even several times a day utter the words, “I’ll let my accountant sort that out.” It’s a funny turn of phrase really because of the singular implication of its subject matter. In the same way, that one person would never be able to grow and manage a really big business single-handedly, an accountant (singular) would be nothing without their team. And it is only when you help your team to become ‘great’ that you have any chance of arriving there yourself.

Learning to let individuals thrive (without negative interference) and giving your team the freedom to excel and prove what an asset they can be, is a big hurdle for many business owners. Yet, the truth is that getting this right is the only way to let your business flourish and move towards its potential. I am immensely proud of the team here at Meades & Co, and the feedback and comments I get from customers just prove what a difference they make.

What is the secret to building a great team?

Seriously, this is so important to the success of everyone involved – the business, the individuals who work there, customers, you and anyone else associated with what your business does. In truth, I could write several posts (maybe even a short book) about my thoughts and discoveries on this subject, but here are just a few of my top insights:

  1. It is vital to each individual’s motivation that they understand the mission or purpose of the business. And it is even more important that they feel like this communal goal or motivation is worthwhile or important.
  2. In relation to the company’s overall mission, each employee must be made aware of exactly what is expected of them – in their specific role. And also how important their part (no matter how small) is to the greater success.
  3. Each person in the team must have access to the equipment and materials they need to do their job really well. Make the best tools available and you will both enhance their performance and their feeling of pride in their role. You’d be amazed what a difference this makes!
  4. Ensure that every employee gets the opportunity to do the things that they do best every day. It is no coincidence that school children excel in the subjects they enjoy. And your team is no different.
  5. To get your team working at their brilliant best, all of the time, you must treat each person as an individual. Give recognition or praise for good work at least once a week, let them know that their opinions and ideas count (great ideas will flow more when you do this), and let them know you care.
  6. Personal development is good for everyone. It helps both the team and the business by making each person feel more valued. So talk to your team, and the individuals in it: about training, progress, opportunities and their importance to the bigger picture. More than that, though, make a commitment to invest in your team, and you will be rewarded with a huge return on investment.

Teamwork is about what works for the team!

This is not just theory, it works, I promise you! A lot of this depends on getting the right people in the first place, and up to a point I would agree, but I also believe that most people are fundamentally motivated by the same things. When someone is appreciated, and they know that they are, they will give more in return. And when a person is enjoying what they do, and they feel like they are part of something important – they will excel and grow all the more valuable to the cause.

I’d love to hear what you think, and I’d also be very happy to help.