Accountancy services for business growth and compliance

Every business is different and is best helped by a service designed for their specific needs. Speed, efficiency, accuracy, care and attention come as standard for all our customers, and we can tailor everything else around your individual requirements: whether they are compliance or strategic business growth.

Traditional accounting often misses opportunities to make a genuine difference to a business. So we have designed a service which proactively looks to highlight areas where we can help maximise the benefits available to you.




Our promise and purpose

We believe it is our responsibility to add value to your business by providing innovative, workable solutions to problems. That is our promise to all of our customers.


Tailored services and fixed prices

Start by choosing the service package that best fits your needs. Each package is a fixed price and can be spread across equal monthly payments, meaning you can budget effectively.

1. A simple fixed fee is agreed in advance for each project: so you can budget effectively.

2. Overruns are our problem: if we have to work harder, you only pay the fixed fee.

3. All fees are paid by monthly Direct Debit: helping you to budget and spread the cost.

This ensures you get fast accurate accounts and returns: avoiding penalties and enabling smarter, more strategic financial decisions to be taken for your business.


Unlimited free ad hoc advice

Our fixed fees include unlimited access to our entire team for advice on ad hoc matters; so you can call at any time without worrying about the cost. Only if we need to start an Extra Work Order (EWO) will we agree another Fixed Fee with you for the work to be completed. So you can be assured that we will never charge you for work where we haven’t agreed a fixed fee with you first.

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Service Packages

In addition to the standard tax, compliance, planning, management and advice features of the four service packages there are many other services we can provide. If you would like any more information, or if we feel that these could support or help grow your business, we can discuss these in more detail.

Service Packages


Profit Improvement

A traditional accountant is only interested in your numbers and the associated boxes that need ticking. We understand that it is the people you employ who help the numbers to move, multiply and make the business work. So, in addition to managing your finances and advising on other business growth strategies, we can also advise on a range of HR, team building, management structure, employment, legal and general personnel issues.

Profit Improvement


HR Support

HR Support


How we will work together to achieve success

To be effective, we believe that professional relationships need to be based on mutual trust, mutual support, mutual respect and mutual integrity. As a result, we only work with clients who share our belief in the importance of these four factors. In practice that means that we make a commitment to each other:


Our commitment to you

We will always do everything in our power to:

  • Keep you fully informed about what’s happening on your affairs, and complete every task on or ahead of time – so that you never have to chase us
  • Operate on the principle that a problem isn’t solved, or a piece of work finished, until you are 100% delighted
  • Reply to every telephone message or email within 24 hours
  • Reply to every letter within 48 hours of the day we receive it
  • Maintain the high standards of integrity, honesty, openness, professionalism and confidentiality that you rightly expect from us
  • Refer our contacts to you where we believe they could benefit from your products and services
  • Always be on the lookout for new ideas that could help you to build an even more successful business and achieve your business goals
  • And do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it


Your commitment to us

Do everything in your power to:

  • Maintain the high standards of integrity, honesty and openness that we rightly expect from each other
  • Tell us immediately if we do anything that you are in any way unhappy with
  • Provide us with any information and answers we need to carry out our work – within the mutually agreed timescales
  • Reply to our requests for information or work approval in a timely manner
  • Refer your contacts to us where you believe they could benefit from our help


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