Having the full support of Meades has given her the confidence and extra time she needed to keep moving the business forward.

Ruru BuddhdevIf variety is the spice of life, then living and working in different countries and cultures is sure to stimulate creative flair and an eye for style. Growing up in the US and then living between there and Tanzania before eventually settling in the UK, Rutu Buddhdev has certainly brought her individuality to properties all over North London.

It all started at the end of 2010, while the world was still reeling from the credit crunch, but Rutu was starting to think big. On her daily journeys into London, surrounded by the routine and regularity of each working day, she started to notice an abandoned pub – and then she started to dream. In her mind, she didn’t see the tatty old window frames and broken glass, the tired brickwork and the echoes of a long departed atmosphere. She saw the potential of a what it could be…

As with all of us when opportunity dares to call our name, fear of the unknown and the enormity of it all soon attacked her ambition. The battle raged for a few months then one day, early in 2011, plans in hand and bravery filling her heart, Rutu purchased the pub. Over the next 24-months, the place was transformed into three luxury apartments and Amara Properties had completed its first development project.

Inspirational businesses need inspired advisors

Property development is one of those industries where you can win big or fail spectacularly. It is not an arena for the faint-hearted or the illadvised. With that thought in mind, Rutu set about aligning herself with the tried and trusted support of a big brand, long established, city accountancy practice. Having been sold the service by a senior partner, she was then left in the untried hands of juniors who were unable to advise her or give her business the support it needed. For a while she simply put up with the distant service, standard replies, inflexibility and lack of input that she received, not really sure where else to turn. Then, while commenting on her frustrations to one of her suppliers, he recommended she speak to Paul at Meades.

The refreshingly different first meeting told her all she had to know: that there is more to modern accounting than grey suits and stuffy age-old traditional number crunching.

Making the plan work a whole lot smoother

Since switching to Meades, Rutu has found that she can concentrate on the critical details, creative planning and essential management of her work; without worrying about the accounts. While the numbers, particularly the bookkeeping, form the foundation of each project it is the ‘big picture’ vision and the ‘attention to detail’ diligence which create a successful result. Rutu has come to trust Paul and his team completely and has particularly high praise for Stephanie, who has effectively become the accounts department for her business.

Rutu is involved in every stage of each property development project: identifying the sites, feasibility studies, the planning process, arranging funding, overseeing the build, and finding a buyer. So to say she is kept pretty busy is a massive understatement. Having the full support of Meades has given her the confidence and extra time she needed to keep moving the business forward.

Today, tomorrow and a positive message for Meades Business Builder Forum’s readers.

Today, Amara Property is in a very good place. It is nearing completion for its latest project: Aria, a stunning 8,000 sq ft. 6-bedroom house in Hadley Wood (check out the website). There are a number of other projects either underway or in the early planning stages and Rutu has ambitious plans for the future.

The motto which underpins each project, “make a plan then work the plan” is the same one which is shaping the future of Rutu’s business. With professional, creative, knowledgeable and supportive partners, such as Meades alongside her, there is no doubt that innovative companies like Amara Property can find success and continue to have a positive effect throughout their communities.

If you have a property that you think has more potential than it is showing; or if you know of a vacant plot of land or disused building that is crying out for an inspired eye – get in touch with Rutu. You might just find yourself involved her next great property partnership: rutu@ amaraproperty.co.uk


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