Introducing Propiteer

Maximising profit through property

Propiteer is an exclusive, members only club providing joint ventures in exceptional property opportunities.

Membership is exclusively by invitation for high net worth, commercially aware and sophisticated investors.

What makes Propiteer different?

Propiteer invest in all of their projects alongside their members, meaning their asset team is yours.

Having shares together in each business means the rewards and risks are in the same place.

How do Propiteer work?

Propiteer discover most assets from banks, trusts or distressed business sales before they reach the public domain.

Only assets with significant profit opportunities are purchased and all major risks are dealt with before making them available to you.

Joining the Propiteer Club

Membership is exclusively by invitation. As a Meades client we can introduce you to the club.

There’s no obligation to invest and you’ll be kept informed of new opportunities.

Invest as little as £5,000 and monitor projects as they progress.

Want to know more?

You can download an example investment project here.

This is an exclusive offer, so to find out more fill in the form below or call Paul Meades on 01923 800444.