Are you responsible?

Over the last few years the financial landscape has changed fundamentally. Austerity, budget cuts, pension shortfalls, escalating national debt, falling real wages, global financial crises, record low interest rates and share price volatility are just some of the factors that have combined to devastating effect. Consequently there is now a pressing need for us all to take “Lifetime Financial Responsibility”.

Precisely what that means is explained in our short report “Are you responsible?” And the report’s subtitle, “The answer to this question will fundamentally affect how happy you and your family are for the rest of your lives”, goes a long way to explaining why it is so vitally important.

So can we please ask you to read that report as a matter of priority and urgency.

In the light of this pressing need, and to help our clients rise to these challenges, we have launched a new “Lifetime Financial Responsibility” service that:

  • Will ensure that you do indeed take lifetime financial responsibility – fully and immediately
  • Helps you to take all the essential actions set out in the report
  • So that, rather than suffering, you and your loved ones enjoy the happiness of being able to afford to live the life you really want
  • And all in a way that minimises the stress, worry and hassle for you

It is best practice, and our professional duty, to make you aware of these developments.

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