Never pay too much tax

We saved our customers £1,410,779.47 in tax during 2017.  That number represents tax liabilities that they would have paid, had they been using an ordinary accountant.

Only by specialist tax planning, genuine care and attention, and in-depth knowledge of current regulations and opportunities can we maximise the benefits available for you and your business.


“Paul is a great guy to work with. He understands what is needed to grow businesses effectively. He knows what needs doing and then gets it done. Our relationship has focussed around tax planning and I have learnt that Paul knows everything a business needs to know about efficient tax planning for successful growth. Originally Paul started as a client of ours but we have been so impressed with the way Paul operates we are changing accountancy firm.”

Richard Rouse

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Business tax planning

Your annual business tax planning review enables you to minimise business taxes, manage VAT efficiently, and effectively grow and utilise your profits.

Your company car review ensures you can finance vehicle acquisitions in the most tax-efficient way.


Personal tax planning

Your remuneration planning review ensures any profits in the business can be drawn at minimal cost. National Insurance and PAYE health-checks help improve your personal and business tax efficiency; supported by many other tools and guides.

We are also experts in Asset Protection Trusts to EBTs, EFRBs, DVA, inheritance tax planning to Capital Gains Tax mitigation and many other innovative and effective strategies.

Our tax specialists are well informed of the very latest in tax legislation and planning; and utilise bespoke, leading edge tax strategies for your benefit. This will mitigate your tax liabilities, increase your wealth, and enable you to spend the profits of your hard work on the things that matter most to you.


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