Q&A with Chris Mew, Director, CRM Architects Limited, Holborn, London

“They enable to me sleep at night because they’re so professional.”

Q: What is your business?

A: We are commercial architects working for clients that include major pensions providers, funds and developers. We perform at a very high level – working very efficiently and fluidly – and that’s what I expect from the professionals I work with.

Q: What led to you choosing Meades Group?

A:  I hadn’t been totally satisfied with the service of my previous accountant. After I heard a presentation by Louise [Williamson], and then spoke with her, I arranged a meeting with Paul Meades. He was very reassuring and helped me to relax a lot over my anxieties around my accounts.

Q: What do you like about working with them?

A: They instil me with confidence. When I sat down with Paul, he explained exactly what he was going to do and why, as well as what I needed to do to help him achieve that.

Q: How do you find the service?

A: They’re very efficient, yet they always give me the impression that I’m the only person who’s important to them. It’s a very personal service. They’re always smiling, always happy – and that makes me happy too.

Q: What are the main benefits for you of working with Meades Group?

A: They enable to me sleep at night because they’re so professional.

Q: What has it meant for your business?

A: It’s meant that I can concentrate on the business rather than worry about the accounts. It’s terrific. It’s the peace of mind of knowing you have a team of professionals working for you. They encouraged us to move to Xero [online accounting software] and it’s easy to check financial information such as what invoices are outstanding. The other nice thing is that I’m working with people who work in the same way that we do. It’s great to feel that we are all on the same page.

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