I’m an accountant (i.e. cautious) but a 36% return caught my attention…

Propiteer Property Investment OpportunityThere are no two ways about it, your money is not going to be setting any records sitting in a high (slight ironic title nowadays) interest bank account. Likewise, the very idea of a financial venture sends shivers up the spine of most who are looking to capitalise on their savings. Some have even gone as far as to suggest that seemingly ‘safe bet’ investments should come with warning tags. Perhaps ‘gambleaware’ or ‘when the fun stops – stop’ might be appropriate!

Introducing Propiteer!

Now, I am publishing this post after long and careful consideration, and with a clear caveat. On the one hand, I want to let you know about something I have investigated and believe has huge potential. On the other hand, there are very few absolute guarantees in life (particularly when it comes to investment), so I cannot promise that this will work for you. What I do promise, however, is that it is worth your time and consideration to have a look.

The Propiteer Club is an exclusive group providing its members with the opportunity to invest in some exceptional property joint ventures. Membership is by invitation only: so, if you are interested the proviso for me inviting you will be a few qualifying questions – including some financial ones (forewarned and all that…). So you will have to call me to find out the details.

Why does this differ from any other ‘take your chances’ investment’?

The highly experienced, property experts who run the club are taking the same risks that you are, only on a much bigger scale. Every opportunity that they offer to investors is one that they have put their own money into first… So the brilliant minds and financially astute, dynamic acumen of their Asset Team are also your Asset Team.

Yes, there is a risk (there always is), but it is minimised by the quality of those controlling it and the fact that they are as committed to its success (perhaps even more so) as you are.

A return of 36% over two years…

Members are currently receiving a return of at least 36% over two years, depending on which asset they invest in; and that is deemed to be easily sustainable (or possibly bettered) in the years to come. Some of the opportunities in the pipeline look as equally stunning as the ones they have won on over the last few years.

The people running The Propiteer Club are all successful business owners in their own right, with a whole host of achievements and quality portfolios behind them. They include:

A tax advisor who has worked for the Inland Revenue, Deloitte, and AMShold; A business consultant who recently helped a client add £50m to their turnover in just 12 months; a former property team director from PwC who also worked as a fund manager at Schroders; a real estate investment specialist formally of Ulster Bank and PwC; and a former chairman of Laing O’Rourke with a portfolio that includes Euro Disney, Dubai Airport and Old Trafford.

If you would like to know more (before applying for your invite) call me on 01923 800444.