My mind was closed, and I was missing out on so much

Catherine Chant

I’ve been a lifelong learner, but up until recently I hadn’t done as much as I could with all that knowledge. Then, just a few weeks ago, I had a massive Aha! moment. Now everything is different.

I’d like to share with you the catalyst for that moment and what’s happened since, and – more importantly – what it would mean to me if my own Aha! moment makes a shift for you too.

Just a few weeks ago I took a long hard look at my personal relationships. I knew I wasn’t getting the support and care I deserved but, and this is the important part, I hadn’t done anything about it.

My relationship history has been rocky at best. I’ve experienced several traumas that have had a deep and lasting impact on who I am and how I see the world. I’ve learned a lot.

I know I deserve the best. We all do. But we have a part to play in making that happen.

I’ve made changes. Not easy ones, but ones that are necessary if I’m going to get the best, and I deserve that. Today, I have higher standards, ones I will fiercely defend.

This shift hasn’t just impacted me personally. It’s reflected in my professional life, too.

When a business owner chooses to work with us, we’re entering a partnership, and it’s an important one. Just like any relationship.

They must trust us to do the best for them, because what happens in their business ultimately impacts their personal life. For some, it’s the difference between paying off their mortgage early, or not; for others, it’s having the ability to send their kids to private school – or it could be something completely different. The end goal doesn’t matter; what’s important is that we know what it is, and we help them get there.

What I’ve learned is that trust is earned. And in the six years I’ve worked at Meades I’ve earned the trust of several of our clients. So much so that I now run their finance function – including making payments from their bank accounts. In business terms, you don’t get much more trust than that. But it didn’t just happen.

And that leads me on to another Aha! moment.

I’ve had countless hours of training, both in studying for my ACCA qualifications and taking internal training here at Meades covering new technology, systems, tax, etc. I’ve been guided in how to use business budgets, financial forecasting, and more.

My training enables me to do my job and I do it very well, but it could do more. Much more. When I complete my final three ACCA exams I’ll be a fully qualified Chartered Accountant and I can put all this new unlocked knowledge into action.

You see, up until now my mind has felt closed. It’s like pouring oil into water – it appears to sink and then just rises back to the surface.

I have been taught how to do what we do. Now I know why we do it and I’ve seen the impact it can have, and that’s huge.

The global pandemic has created a shift for many business owners. My clients now want to know what’s happening in their business and their financial reporting holds the answers.

Having a positive number on the bank account is no longer enough to help them sleep at night. They want a more predictable future, they want to close leaks in their profits and get better results.

If you already work with us, you’ll know we do things a little differently at Meades. Our team don’t just email out reports. We proactively call our clients every month to make sure they’ve checked their numbers.

Before, this was just another task on my to-do list. Now, I look forward to making those calls. I enjoy walking business owners through their budget variance report and showing them how it can help them improve their results. I enjoy it because I can see the difference it makes.

My Aha! moment has opened up the possibility of connecting with our clients on a deeper level and giving them the very best from my training.

I want our clients to embrace our partnership. We really are on their side.

As I shared at the beginning of this article, my relationship history hasn’t been smooth sailing, but it has shown me that we often tolerate what we have because we’re not willing to make the changes necessary for us to get the best.

It must be the same for most business owners. They might not know it’s possible to get the type of support we can give them. But, if they’re open to making the necessary changes, they can get the support they deserve. I know I can help them.

If you know a business owner who deserves more, please share my story with them. I’ll be happy to tell them how a partnership with us could be the difference they’ve been waiting for.