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Make Money, Save Money, Look Good, Feel Good

Make Money, Save Money, Look Good, Feel GoodDo the best-looking businesses make the most money?

The bottom line with any business is the bottom line. Having a purpose and a vision is massively important; setting up efficient systems and processes is vital, delivering a service which is worthy of the price you charge is paramount, and looking after your staff and customers is critical to your success. But, in the end, if you don’t run profitably and make money (after all of your costs are accounted for) you may as well shut up shop and do something else.

To be successful in business you simply have to make money and save money – otherwise you don’t really have a business at all.

Vanity pays…

There are many areas of business that need to be mastered for you to reach the ultimate goal of running a growing and profitable enterprise. Ultimately, however, they all fall into the categories I mentioned above, and can be summarised as making money and saving money.

So, here is another idea that you might not instantly think about as a business success strategy: Look Good and Feel Good. Now, I’m not talking about arranging for your staff to have a professional makeover and a personal shopper at the weekends, or paying for a mobile spa to visit the office on a Friday afternoon. I’m talking about the way you present yourselves and what you do. Trust me – there is a lot of money to be made in looking good and feeling good within your business.

What do the best in the world do?

Let’s look at some of the largest and most successful businesses in the world today. Take Apple products, where everything that they do looks great. Their phones, tablets and MacBooks are aesthetically beautiful, the packaging is stylishly designed and made with quality materials, their adverts are modern, on-trend and professionally delivered, and the whole brand is designed to make Apple-users feel good.

Likewise, John Lewis stores, are all about a visually and emotionally pleasing experience. As soon as you walk in the store you feel like you are in a place designed with you in mind. The staff are well-presented, the products look hand-chosen and the shelves, aisles and various departments are always spotless. Ever had a home delivery from John Lewis? Wow, those people know how to complete the order. Liveried, polite and courteous drivers go a long way towards making the whole buying process a feel-good experience. ‘Never knowingly undersold’ is merely a bonus when the brand looks so good.

Think of all of the brands out there that you trust and return to time-after-time-after-time. They all look good and make you feel good. And this doesn’t just extend to pleasing your customers either – because, I bet that the people who work for these brands are also affected by the look good and feel good aspects of their brand. If they weren’t, how would it be possible for them to add their customer-facing smiles to the overall brand message.

Is your bottom line looking good?

Investing in some beauty treatments for your business might just be the best thing that you could do this month. You will find that a facelift, some nip and tuck, minor smile surgery, a slimdown, or even a wardrobe makeover might just pay beautiful dividends in the months and years to come.

A great makeover could attract the attention of new customers, better employees, finance providers, and even get some of your competitors in envious awe of your stunning new look.

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