At last: the B2B loyalty scheme with real rewards!

The very fact that B2C benefit schemes, such as Nectar, Airmiles and individual store cards, are called words like ‘loyalty’ or ‘reward’ reveal what they are looking to achieve. The ideal win-win scenario for businesses, therefore, would be one where the company doing the selling enjoyed customer retention (loyalty) and their customers enjoyed the benefits of using that supplier (reward). Even in this ‘ideal’ scenario, however, the great them-and-us divide still exists: on one side, you have a seller on the other a buyer.

If we could create genuinely cooperative business relationships everyone would be better off, wouldn’t they? Surely, in business, both sides (buyers and sellers) should understand the need for making a profit, building relationships, giving referrals, working together, and generating rewards. As businesses, we all take our turn as both buyer and seller, so understanding and respecting the other’s position should make a greater level of win-win achievable. I’ve always been attracted to these genuinely symbiotic opportunities: scenarios where I can help and support my customers’ businesses while also building goodwill and business opportunities for my own. This sort of cooperation is fundamental to what I consider to be good business practice.

Enjoying and sharing the benefits of Prosper²

When I first came across Prosper² I approached it like I do every other new thing: with a healthy dose of caution and an open mind. It seemed like a good idea with very little risk involved, so I gave it a try for myself and ended up loving the principle and the product.

The basic concept is this:
When you sign up, you receive your own pre-paid credit card, simply load the card with reward points and spend anywhere in the world where you see the Mastercard acceptance mark .The basic concept is that the fee for membership comes out of your business and Prosper² then reward you with 80% points back of which you can load to your card and start spending. It’s as easy as that! So why not sign up and receive bespoke benefits for all the hard work that you put in each month?
But the benefits don’t stop there.

You can use the pre-paid card yourself, or generate additional cards to give to clients to incentivise and offer rewards.

When members spend money on additional products and services through the service hub they receive more Reward Points on their card. There is also a referral incentive which generates yet further Reward Points. In addition, the program gives members access to significant discounts and offers on top brands, specially selected for a business audience. As a member, you will also have access to a wealth of business support, tools and expertise.

Creating your own Prosper² rewards scheme

The power, reach and versatility of Prosper² means that it is now possible for any small business to set up its own customer reward scheme to provide loyalty and benefits for its clients. As a member, you will receive cardholder invitations which you can send to your most valued customers. These can be preloaded with Reward Points to both thank and incentivise your contacts and the key decision makers who value your services. With modern rules and regulations around gifts and genuine ‘thank you for the business’ gestures, it is a real pleasure to have found a programme that allows gratitude to be shown in a win-win way.

The many facets and benefits of the Prosper² system have taken the traditional B2C retail loyalty card idea and supercharged it to deliver a reward programme specifically for B2B markets (and your key relationships within them). It rewards loyalty, generates new business and benefits both buyers and sellers alike – what could be better than that?

If you’re interested to learn more about Prosper², get in touch or connect with me on LinkedIn.