Why the value of your business matters

There are many factors which determine the value of a business; whether you are looking to sell it or raise capital against its value. These include the dependency on its owners, the reliability of the turnover, the skills of the staff, any intellectual property, the profitability and the systems and processes operating behind the scenes.

Increasing the value of your business gives you options. Whatever your goal – or however those goals might change – if you maximise the value of your business you will increase the options open to you now and in the future.

Whether you are just starting your business, in the middle of a period of expansion, or looking to retire in five years’ time, it is never too early to start planning for a sale.

“Paul is an extraordinary accountant. He is incredibly focussed on adding value to the clients he works with. I see Paul regularly at events – he is committed to continually learning more so that he can help the businesses he works with – and it continually amazes me how much of the things he learns he puts into action.”

Mark Wickersham

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A healthy business is a valuable business

People sell businesses for many reasons: retirement, change of lifestyle, to pursue a new venture or simply to release capital. Whatever the reason you could be looking to sell, a healthy streamlined business will always be worth far more than a high maintenance one.

Our business planning tools, guides, analysis, benchmarking and expert support is available to all of our customers and can identify areas that will significantly increase the value of your business:

  • Benchmarking: measuring your business against your industry
  • Performance Measurement & Improvement (PMI) System: a market-leading business management tool
  • Library of audio talks, inspirational stories and management advice
  • OnTrack reports providing key improvement and action plan data
  • Financial planning and tax efficiencies – to help you keep more of your rewards

Selling your business for its maximum value can give you a stress-free retirement, family security, a bigger home, your dream car, the holiday of a lifetime, the capital to invest in a new venture or peace of mind for the future.


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