In or Out? It is still all down to you!

You don’t need an accountant to tell you that most people have been through some really tough financial times recently. Whether it is due to individual mismanagement of finances, the recession, the system or simple apathy, the numbers don’t make for good reading. Personal debt is at a record high, savings are slim or non-existent, austerity seems to be the financial buzzword, and getting on the mortgage ladder is one step too far for most first-timers.

Wow Paul, what a depressing start to this week’s post!

Believe me; I am not trying to bring anyone down, but rather, I hope to wake some people up! You see, regardless of which way the nation votes on 23rd June, there will still be difficulties to overcome, personal finances to manage and a responsibility to take hold of: And that responsibility is yours alone!

PS. I’ll share my own referendum views at the end of the post!

Whatever the political and economic scenario that is on offer, we all have to make the best choices and decisions for ourselves and for those we love the most. No one else will – Indeed, no one else can.

Lifetime Financial Responsibility

The good news is that, whatever your financial situation today; whether you are in debt, in dispute, in control of it or turning a blind eye, tomorrow can be better. With good advice and a commitment to take positive action, pretty much any situation can be managed and improved. But the sooner you act and take responsibility the bigger the difference your actions will make. So act now!

Taking steps towards lifetime financial responsibility today will help you and your family, both today (imagine the feeling of knowing you’ve taken positive steps) and in the future (getting lucky is not a good strategy).

If you run away from these issues: ignore them, kid yourself that “they don’t apply to me”, or decide to “deal with them later” then you are relying on luck. And if luck isn’t on your side you and those you love will suffer.

Preventing all of the pain, regret, hardship and shame that comes with failed finances is not simple, but it is possible – and by acting today, you can make it better. You might need some help (ask your accountant or take other professional advice), but the starting steps are as follows:

1. Understand your current situation

2. Understand your future situation

3. Manage your income

4. Manage your spending

5. Manage your saving

6. Manage your assets

7. Manage your liabilities

8. Manage your risk

9. Manage your tax burden

It may sound daunting… but it’s easier than it seems!

In my experience, helping people to deal with future planning, the biggest step is simply starting! Getting professional assistance or some advice can help to set your finances in a direction that will secure your financial future for you and your family.

For more information send me an email or click the link for a help guide: Are You Responsible?

I’m out!

I’ll be voting to leave on 23rd June – and here is why! It is a close call but, largely for the reasons I’ve mentioned above about taking personal responsibility for your own affairs, I think the UK would be better off not relying on the EU or being bound by its bureaucracy.