How to use Zoom for better business

How To Use Zoom For Better Business

Everyone’s Zooming. But are you getting it right?

Zoom has been one of the biggest success stories to come out of Covid-19: In April 2020, it peaked at over 300 million daily meeting participants and reported total revenue of $328.2 million.

It’s a tool that helped revolutionise the global shift to remote-working. But is it about to become yesterday’s news? Or will it be vital to your future success?

There’s no hard and fast answer; every business is unique. But there are some key features that you could be using in the current climate to enhance your business offering and improve the way you engage with colleagues and customers. Here’s my pick of the best:

Team meetings

Regular team meetings are vital to stay connected and keep everyone on the same page. Whilst you definitely want to plan your agenda and key points ahead of time (just like any productive face-to-face meeting) consider adding an optional 15-minute pre-meeting slot to give everyone a chance to say hi and catch up on any non-priority subjects. You can check with Jen how the sales meeting went, or ask John about his sick budgie – all the chit-chat you’d usually have while you’re waiting for the team to arrive.

Use the waiting room feature to give you more control. It allows you to place meeting attendees in a virtual waiting room; these attendees can’t enter the meeting without the host’s approval – especially helpful when you’re dealing with sensitive or confidential subjects or running a back-to-back meeting schedule.

For marketing and sales

An obvious way to use Zoom for marketing and sales is to run a webinar. But before you jump on this, I’d ask you to pause. Why? Because the central principle of effective marketing is to NOT do something that everyone else is doing. You want to make sure that the webinar content is A) Engaging, B) Useful, and C) Differentiates you from your competitors.

If your marketplace is saturated with webinars, redirect your focus. Find out what your customers want and need the most right now. What are their biggest challenges? Then you can pitch a webinar specifically at these challenges so that when they receive the webinar invite and ask “What’s in it for me” your offer will be clear and irresistible.

Paid discovery sessions

When you respond to a lead or enquiry, consider offering a paid discovery session on Zoom instead of a sales meeting. You can spend a decent chunk of time with a potential customer to workshop what their problem is and come up with a tailor-made solution. Not only will this help your customer in the short-term but it could also help to build trust and rapport that will put you at the front of the queue for future projects.

Or – free consultation

This might be a better fit for your business and can be just as effective for forging long-term business relationships – it’s also a great way of ‘getting you out there’ if you’re experiencing a downturn in enquiries.

What NOT to do on a Zoom call

A quick mention of basic Zoom etiquette. It’s important to be as present, professional and engaged as it is in a physical meeting – especially if you’re relying on Zoom more and more to build and maintain professional relationships.


  • Try to figure out the tech whilst you’re on the call – be prepared
  • Be noisy or start typing when you’re not on mute
  • Forget to unmute yourself when you have something important to say
  • Eat or drink – especially in smaller group calls. Remember everything is laser-focused on your face
  • Look at your phone or laptop – switch off any distractions

With a bit of research and planning, it’s relatively easy to set up a slick and professional-looking Zoom call. Make sure you have good lighting and your web camera is at the right height (nobody wants to stare up your nostrils during the meeting). There’s even a  ‘touch up my appearance’ setting to help you look your best.

Building better businesses

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