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Can you have too much of a good thing?

Can you have too much of a good thing?I think it was Shakespeare who first used this phrase in his classic comedy ‘As You Like It.’ He simply puts forward the question, “Can one desire too much of a good thing?” and centuries later the saying made its way into modern English in the form of two opposing statements.

On the one hand, people will state quite forcefully that you can have too much of something good. Clearly chocolate, your favourite tipple, and soaking up rays on a sunny day would fall into this category. One might even argue that sport, cinema, walking the dog or any number of innocent hobbies and pastimes can be over indulged to the detriment of a person’s life (and those whose lives they touch).

A fitness coach recently remarked to me that you can even eat too much fruit…

You can’t get too much Xero!

The other common variation on Shakespeare’s original verse is simply the opposite. When describing a beneficial element in any given situation; one which only ever enhances the more it is applied, you might say, “You can’t get too much of a good thing!” This is how we feel about Xero, here at Meades Group. The more we use it, share its benefits with our clients and engage with its seemingly endless possibilities, the more we love what it does.

It would be fair to say that Xero has now made its home at the very heart of our business, and it is a love affair that will continue to blossom. But this is not a shallow, selfish love; this is one that we want to share with everyone. If anything, we have enjoyed so much of this good thing ourselves that we want to take every opportunity to let others join the Xero party. In fact, we are still offering free Xero conversions to new clients.

Why is Xero so good, what is the secret?

It is said that the key to Shakespeare’s popularity, world renown and longevity is that he understood the human heart and mind. Times have changed, fashions have come and gone, knowledge has increased, and technology has gone through the roof in the four-hundred years since The Great Bard was writing down his work. (I wonder what he would have made of Kindles, email, audiobooks and the cloud?) But one thing hasn’t changed – supply and demand!

Shakespeare wrote stories that people identified with and wanted to see performed or to read. Xero simply does the same. Instead of creating antiquated systems for old-fashioned ways of accounting, people today want speed, efficiency, flexibility, instant access, real-time, on-the-go, adaptable, interactive, multi-channel, time-saving, sociable, interchangeable, and user-friendly solutions.

Xero delivers all of that and more.

Best of all Xero listens!

We fall more and more in love with Xero all of the time because when a new need arises, Xero responds and makes the changes happen. If Xero stayed the same then perhaps we would get disinterested and move on to the next new thing that caught our eye. But Xero is a good thing that is proving irresistible to smart thinking accountants and small businesses.

Could it be that in 400-years time we are still celebrating the genius of Xero? I don’t know? But certainly for the foreseeable future. In the Meades Group office at least, and in the lives of our customers, you cannot get too much of a good thing like Xero.

Give the team a call for a free conversion to this modern masterpiece of accounting history.