A business is only as good as its people!

There is an old saying that a bad craftsperson blames his tools. This is not strictly true of course as the quality of tools (in a business that means things like systems, processes and KPIs) can have a huge impact on the result – so tools are very important. The fact remains, however, that a craftsperson who is healthy, well-trained, and dedicated to the cause will be able to do much more than a disengaged one – given the same working environment (tools). I would even go so far as to say that the people you employ for any role are the most important asset in achieving your goals – and far more important than the tools. If for no other reason than a good team will also help to improve the operational efficiency of your ‘tools’ while they work.

Always invest in your team

For many years now, Meades Group have made a point of investing heavily in our most important asset – our team. Whether this is in the guise of great nights out, team building events or role-specific training (to the required level and beyond), it is all part of building our business culture. More than that though, we pay attention to the specifics of each team member’s individual needs. This includes staying ahead of the legal requirements of employing staff but also going much further in terms of listening to their ideas, creating a happy working environment and ensuring everyone has exactly what they need to fulfil their role to the highest level.

Our team has become central to everything we do: and if you ask any of our customers what they like about Meades Group, I know for a fact that dealing with the team will be one of their highlights.

While self-praise is not always the most attractive quality, it is important to recognise when you do something well. So, as experts in helping people, we provide HR services to support to our clients.

Expert HR support for you and your team

So, just to be clear, we are business growth accountants and improving our clients’ financial and business planning will always be our main focus. We have simply recognised that without good people, a business will always be prone to underperformance. We know from our own experience that good people can be moulded into a winning team by being given the right level of care, attention and HR support.

If you employ people to help you run your business but your team isn’t large enough to warrant a full-time HR person, we would like to help you. We would love to show you how to turn your people into a team and benefit from the cooperative effect of pursuing a common goal. In addition, we can help you manage all the legal requirements of employing a team and creating a great place where they can work.

If you would like to find out more about Meades Group’s specialist HR support and improvement services, please get in touch with one of our team. Alternatively, if you would just like to talk to one of them about what it is like to work for a company which truly values its people… feel free to do that too.